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Converting a Ecotech Vortech mp40w to a Quiet Drive by changing controller!

15 Oct

With the MP40 Vortech Ecotech Marine succeeded a great success a few years ago, but there were critics in the worldwide forums who complained about the volume of the driver unit. Especially at high speeds and in pulse mode, you could register a whirring sound.

Ecotech Marine released the Quietdrive model earlier this year. I also have the mp40QD version and have to say: It is really inaudible from a small distance so I would have no problem putting a tank with that pump into my bedroom. EcoTech says, that the volume reduction results from an optimized energization of the Dry-Side and offers a controller upgrade for older Vortech generations. You can’t get the huge performance upgrade, the mp40QD has, but with the controller upgrade it should be as quiet as the new generation!

I upgraded my older Vortech mp40w – here’s the result: Read more

Remove of Eunice sp. bristleworm

12 Oct


Now it got me. After my tank ran perfectly for years, I noticed lately overnight disappearance of Zoanthus, disc anemones, soft corals and SPS. One night, the light was out, I saw him – a huge Eunice bristleworm with a minimum of 80cm lying across the sandbed. With a Eheim-tong I tried to take him directly – had him – but it was cut through in the middle and so I was only able to remove only 40cm long piece. The rest (with head) fled. I learned that Eunice worms are really fast …  

I spend some nights watching… identified two caves, between which he traveled each night. Over the last years I had always noticed that stones, shells and coral branches were dragged into the live rock. He has closed the entrance and exits. Eunice worms are extremely fast, light sensitive and come rarely completely out of the cave. I spend around 2 weeks – always after about 1 hour after turning off the light it went our of the cave.  

How can you remove a Eunice sp. worm? After my research, almost all who have discovered that worm in their aquarium, gave up hunting but removed the liverock including the worm. If your don’t get the chance to catch it by chance, there is no way to catch him. As stress response and to preserve life it splits up in pieces very easily, which Likewise traps are not working. Only in one case it worked – here: I built a similar trap, but gave up.


The end of the worm: Ultimately, I decided to remove a liverockpillar. Took it out, smashed the rock, removed the worm and reconstructed the reef.

EcoTech Vortech QD Quietdrive – first review, test and experience

2 Apr

First: Yes – I’m a huge fan of EcoTech Marine products! Because of that I propably was one of the first who preordered the brandnew EcoTech Marine Vortech Quietdrive Pump. I have 3 EcoTech Radion, 2 Vortech pumps and 1 Reeflink – and the inter-compatible system fits perfect.

Vortech Controller, Wetside und Dryside

Vortech Controller, Wetside und Dryside

During the last years, EcoTech Marine mainly focused on developing LED-lightening and building up a system which is based on ecosmartlive – a powerful platform for controlling all your EcoTech products via App or browser. In the past – around 10 years ago – EcoTech hits the market with the first Generation of Vortech pumps. Placing the driver outside the tank was very innovative at this time. Next were the Radion LEDs and the Reeflink – a small unit which makes it possible to control all EcoTech-devices via a Web-Interface or iPhone/Android App. First there were not that many possibilities to control them – but today, ecosmartlive is a powerful tool to setup detailed schedules for the lamps and pumps. And – like Apple – very intuitive!

Now, I received the brandnew EcoTech Vortech Quietdrive promising to be 90% quieter and 40% stronger. Loudness was sometimes a problem with the older models and because of the outside placed power unit, you could recognize a bit of noise when running with more than 60% power or in wave mode. It wasn’t a problem for me because with 2x mp40 it was enough flow in my tank running them at 60% max.

So let’s have a closer look at the new EcoTech Vortech mp40wQD Quietdrive:

Haptics and supply


Coming up: EcoTech Marine Vortech Quietdrive – the brandnew mp40qd / mp60qd / mp10qd

16 Feb

Since the beginning of our tanks we are thrilled use of the EcoTech Vortech mp40w.This nice pump has significantly improved at its possibilities to control and manage flow pumps, but at the mechanics itself there weren’t a lot changes. The Reeflink is one of these examples which gives you the option to create nice schedules for your pump. I’m using this great little computer for quite a time now and I’m very happy about it.

Some years ago when Ecotech released the new pump technology with having the pump motor outside the tank, it gave us a lot of advantages as a very nice controller or not having the heat of the pumps in the tank… But there also came up the fact that the motor was hearable. Especially in wave short pulse mode. At that point it was a good approach to run the pump with a maximum of around 60-70% to avoid to much noise.

Ecotech New Vortech

Now Ecotech announces the new Ecotech VorTech Quiet Drive pumps with a great commitment that it will be as quiet “that you do not believe that they run!”.
Even the MP10QD Quietdrive & MP60qd Quietdrive should just be quiet and also compatible with the old Vortech models.

Now it is time for EcoTech Marine: To beat the cheap competition from China and deliver great quality, innovation and performance as they did in the past.

Reefbuilders announced that the new Vortech MP40qd has 40% more power (4.500gallon / h) and will be available for $ 349 in the US market.

And even better: For about $ 100 the controller of the old mp10, mp40 and MP60 can be upgraded to eliminate all noises of your existing pump.

I ordered right away and will tell you about it.

Ecotech Quietdrive mp40qd

Covering the reef tank with glass – after 5 months!

13 Feb

Many know the problem: An open marine aquarium is usually desired – that looks good, saves time in maintenance and the corals get direct and unfiltered LED light.

But there’s another problem, especially in winter: gray mold due to high humidity!

Depending on the direction of the flow and thus movement of the surface of the water I needed temporarily 5l of ROI water per day and therefore had a very high humidity of about 70%.

After long consideration – first I wanted plexiglas or acrylic glass because of the price – I decided to cover the tank with glass. So I bought 5mm glass in 3 parts to make handling easier.

Skizze Glasabdeckung Aquarium

At my tank with a lenght of 130cm I took 3 parts in lengths 20cm, 60cm and 46cm to have …READ MORE

The new silent NYOS skimmer!

4 Feb

What should we write about a skimmer, which we don’t longer hear after istalling and which little by little disappears from the perception?

Well, since now half a year, I have the new QUANTUM 160 skimmer of the german company NYOS operating in my sump. I started the tank years ago with the previous model, the NYOS Pyro True Cone 180 skimmer, with whom I was mostly satisfied.

First have a look at the promotional video of the manufacturer:

In fact the design of hardware which is located in the cabinet is actually secondary. Nevertheless the NYOS Quantum skimmer is extremely elegant designed. While the previous series was relabled of the company Skimz and was only distributed by NYOS in Europe, this brandnew model is completely developed by NYOS in Germany itself. The look & feel of the skimmer is amazing, the material is very massive. The so-called “Clear-View-Reactor” is not just a marketing argument. A brief explanation: The reactor chamber which includes the pump with the needle wheel is made of transparent plastic. This allows to watch the slice and bubbles directly in the skimmer and you can recognize contaminents immediately.


The setting of the skimmer for wet or dry skimming that I control via the water level in the skimmer is solved simply and excellent (it was very difficult with the previeous version because even the slightest movements of the wheel caused overfoaming ). Now you have to turn the wheel a few times to change the water level in the skimmer significant. This is really very good! The air is always fully open to keep the foam performance to maximum.

On the website NYOS promises four main features which I try to evaluate with my now 6 month experience:
Read more

Hello summer! Keep cooling down your seawater tank…

12 Jun

Every year, the summer comes quite suddenly and so regularly the question occurs, how to keep the temperature in the tank stable.
Considering, that in the most tanks the water temperature is already at 25°C without any heating (but heating of the technical equipment) at a normal 22°C room temperature, the tank temperature rises quickly above with increasing room temperatures. The same temperature difference on a normal day (like an addition of for example 3 degrees above room temperature) of course adds to the rising temperature as well.
Skimmer, flow pumps and other pumps as well as pumps for calcium reactors and filters are rather inefficient and therefor add much heat energy to the water.
Last summer, I lost some corals because of the temperature – for example Zoanthus and disc anemones, which already show problems over 27°C. And this could show up also delayed, if your tank temperature is already back at normal.
So preventing temperature problems is most important. If the temperature is already above 28°C, it is critical and could cause coral dying. 
What are the possibilities to cool down your aquarium tank? 

Interzoo – Top Of The Flops 2014

5 Jun

Exhibitions are always a good place to find crazy inventions and stuff from all over the world – here is a hitlist of the best flops seen on Interzoo.

1. The most colourful

Great scaping – nice colours. Zeovitsystem? Definetily nice bobon colours – great!


2. The BAR

Finally – this will be a game changer. A modern tank system with an installed wine fridge. This tank needs some drinks to be acceptable….


3. The practical 

Wonderfull for all the nano guys out there. It’s so small you can even take it with you on a picknick.



(Deutsch) Die Interzoo 2014 – Meerwasser Pur – Ein Fotobericht!

29 May

How to use a public holiday best? Of course – Interzoo 2014 was on the table. This world’s largest fair takes place every 2 years in Nuremberg, where all companies that has anything to do with pets is represented.

Armed with our camera we headed to the fair – with high expectations – that we had since the first visit in 2012. In this article, we can not describe all innovations at detail but we hope to give you a good impression.

All pictures are directly “out of the camera”

Red Sea

The company Red Sea presented its complete plug & play product range. Since I started with reefing with a Red Sea Max 250, it was particularly interesting to see the development of their products over time. It turned out that Red Sea now introduced several well designed product lines and especially systems without a cover (no more temperature problem).



Nyos Aquatics

We were especially excited , regarding our friends friends Nyos from Stuttgart. As we use many of these products what we excited what “Swabian quality work” will be shown. One new product is the Nyos Quantum – one of the innovations on the booth – surprised by a great design won our internal Design Award of the Year 2014. Christian Kapaun also showed us the prototype of the announced pump control system for the skimmer Quantum that comes with LED lighting.. In addition, new on the market (to our knowledge) is the first fish food with an organic seal. The show tank of was filled wtith truly exceptional coral, that the online shop is known for.

click here

Slow Life – impressive time-lapse coral shots!

28 Apr

This awesome video shows the movement of corals and sponges shown as time-lapse. The shots of coral and sponges were composed of 150,000 individual images and was made with a Canon 7D/5D and a Canon MP-E 65mm lens. The result is impressive and should definitely be watched at on a good screen in HD:


Slow Life from Daniel Stoupin on Vimeo.