Chris Reef 300l


Aquarium setup Date: 15/08/2012

Aquarium Data: 

System Dimensions: 

Main Tank: 80x60x60

Sump: 50x35x35

System parameters (measured with NYOS)

CA: 420

MG: 1350

PO4: <0,05

NO3: 3-5

KH: 8


EcoTech Radion XR30W G3ATI

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Filtration & Circulation: 


1x Vortech MP40w ES

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Return Pump: 

NYOS Viper 2.0


NYOS Quantum 120

Other Equipment

Water Top-off System: Tunze with 20l R/O water.

Calcium & Alkalinity Supplementation


Maintenance, Husbandry & Additives:


– Feeding fish & corals: Artemia, Mysis, Oyster Eggs, Nori, granulated food

– Cleaning glasses


– 8 % water change

– Skimmer cleaning

Supplements for Corals

– NYOS Absolute Aminos

– NYOS Reef Pepper


1 comment on “Chris Reef 300l

  1. Moin,
    ist das Programm der ecotech marine radion noch aktuell bzw. die Datei vll. veraltet?
    Ich bekomme die Datei nicht geladen…

    MfG Timo

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