EcoTech Marine Coral Lab – interesting facts!

As you know, we are huge fans of the EcoTech Marine products. Our Reef Tanks are both equipped with EcoTech Radions and EcoTech Vortech pumps. At the Reef A Palooza in Orlando 2017 founder Patrick Clasen and his CMO Jay Sperandio shared some knowledge about their program “Coral Lab”. The heart of the program is to provide users guaranteed working lighting settings for their LEDs. As you know, LEDs can be programmed very differently, so there are certain ways to make mistakes.

In the video, they talk about a comparison they have made with WWC (World Wide Corals) and a Canadian dealer. The outcome is, that coral growth and coloration depends less on the lighting time than on the so-called DIL (Daily integral Lightening). This value is about the number of photosynthetically active photons in the course of the day. They have found out, that 8 hours lightening with a very high PAR level are as effective as 12h with a low PAR level. The coral growth was almost the same – only the algae growth is higher at 12h.

Here’s the interesting Coral Lab PDF (also interesting for non EcoTech User)
Here’s a link to our EcoTech Radion Schedules:
And here’s the video from Reef A Palooza:

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