Coming up: EcoTech Marine Vortech Quietdrive – the brandnew mp40qd / mp60qd / mp10qd

Since the beginning of our tanks we are thrilled use of the EcoTech Vortech mp40w.This nice pump has significantly improved at its possibilities to control and manage flow pumps, but at the mechanics itself there weren’t a lot changes. The Reeflink is one of these examples which gives you the option to create nice schedules for your pump. I’m using this great little computer for quite a time now and I’m very happy about it.

Some years ago when Ecotech released the new pump technology with having the pump motor outside the tank, it gave us a lot of advantages as a very nice controller or not having the heat of the pumps in the tank… But there also came up the fact that the motor was hearable. Especially in wave short pulse mode. At that point it was a good approach to run the pump with a maximum of around 60-70% to avoid to much noise.

Ecotech New Vortech

Now Ecotech announces the new Ecotech VorTech Quiet Drive pumps with a great commitment that it will be as quiet “that you do not believe that they run!”.
Even the MP10QD Quietdrive & MP60qd Quietdrive should just be quiet and also compatible with the old Vortech models.

Now it is time for EcoTech Marine: To beat the cheap competition from China and deliver great quality, innovation and performance as they did in the past.

Reefbuilders announced that the new Vortech MP40qd has 40% more power (4.500gallon / h) and will be available for $ 349 in the US market.

And even better: For about $ 100 the controller of the old mp10, mp40 and MP60 can be upgraded to eliminate all noises of your existing pump.

I ordered right away and will tell you about it.

Ecotech Quietdrive mp40qd

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