8 years of Schwings reef aquarium

Motivated by your comments on the last video about the conversion of Radions G4 to G5, I shot a new tank video with a friend of mine during “Lockdown Light.”

Tank size is 130cm x 60cm x 60cm, sump hasn 80 x 35 x 35 cm, so all in all around 500l (130gal) reef aquarium.

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  • Light: 3x EcoTechMarine Radion G5 xr30w Pro
    Flow: 3x EcoTechMarine Vortech mp40w QD
  • Return pump: 1x EcoTechMarine Vectra S2
  • Skimmer: Nyos Quantum 160
  • Filter: Nyos TORQ 1.0 (PhosEx & ActiveCarb) + TORQ 2.0 DIY Zeolithe
  • Dosing: 4x EcoTechMarine Versa
    1x / week: Nyos Active Elements & Strontium
    Daily: 5ml Nyos Zero
    Daily: Nyos Calcium & Alkalinity
    Coral food:
    Nyos Amino & Coral Nectar
    Nyos Instant Plancton

Because many asked, here are the schedules for Vortech and Radion G5 Pro to import them in Mobius App:

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