Schwings Reef 500l

Your story in aquariums

It all started in 1992, when my father gave me a 60l freshwater tank including some small goldfish. 18 years later, after having many small and big tanks, i decided that i reached the highest point in freshwater experiences – I needed a new challenge in doing my aquaristic hobby.

So, in 2010, I bought the “Plug and Play” tank Red Sea Max 250 – mostly to make my first experiences with the salty world. “Plug & Play” because I was sure to move to a bigger custom tank later…

Well, I made my experiences, mostly positive and in September 2011 I set up my final Reef-Tank and called it “Schwings reef”. My ambition was to build up a stylish and white-finished tank with modern techniques,  low nutrients to keep SPS and LPS with nice colors. Because of the mix of SPS and LPS corals, it shouldn’t be forced to have nearly no nutrients and having “Bonbon-colors”.

So in 2011 I got to know my friends of, a big european online-dealer with a local store in Stuttgart/Germany who helped me setting up the tank. The tank, life rock and most of the corals come from this (online) store.

Because it’s a very young tank, I hadn’t any big problems to face since today.

Aquarium setup Date: 15/09/2011

Aquarium Data: 

System Dimensions: 

Main Tank: 130x60x60

Sump: 80x35x35

System parameters (measured with NYOS)

CA: 450

MG: 1350

PO4: <0,05

NO3: 3-5

KH: 8


ATI sunpower dimmable 8x 54W (4x Aquablue special, 4x Blue plus)

2x Blue: 10h00 – 24h00

6x T5 (4x white, 2x blue): 12h00 – 20h00

Filtration & Circulation: 


2x Vortech MP40w ES (mostly half the strength)

Return Pump: NYOS Viper 2.0


NYOS Pyro True Cone 180 Skimmer

NYOS Monster 120 Calcium Reactor

Other Equipment

Water Top-off System: Tunze with 20l R/O water.

Calcium & Alkalinity Supplementation

The first 5 month I kept CA and KH on level by giving balling salts manually. After that period and with more and more SPS corals I decided to buy a Calcium reactor.

Maintenance, Husbandry & Additives:


– Feeding fish & corals: Artemia, Mysis, Calanus, Lobster Eggs, Nori, granulated food

– Cleaning glasses


– 10% water change

– Skimmer cleaning

Supplements for Corals

– NYOS Absolute Aminos

– NYOS Reef Pepper

– NYOS Goldpods

– NYOS Coral Nectar

– NYOS Softfood

After 2 months:

After 8 months:

After 2 years:

In 4K:

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