Ich vermisse sie… wirklich ;-)

23 Mai

me or reefing - i miss her

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  1. Bruce Freitag, 24. Mai 2013 at %H:%M #


    What a Great Web Site Sebastian. Glad you stuck with reefing! So Far just Looking at your Photos, convinced me to But. 2, Radion XR30W Pro, 2 Vortech mp40, and a 120 Gallon Tank. I Have not setup the Aquarium yet but waiting to get back down to Florida, USA to get it all Started. OH yes, I also Have a Omega Vertex 150 And a New Elite Aquatics Dual Sock Refugium, all because of you and your Great Success.

    I can’t wait to get it all going. Thank you.
    Bruce Osterberg

    • Sebastian Freitag, 24. Mai 2013 at %H:%M #

      Hi Bruce,
      thanks for those words… Wishing you a lot of fun setting up your tank.
      Keep me updated!


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