New sump setup at Schwings Reef

There’s a new sump setup of Schwings Reef.

After the crash of my middle pillar, the nitrate level has unfortunately leveled around 15 mg/l, so I have now added a zeolite filter. Previously I had some zeolite in a fluidized bed filter, which was impractical because the zeolite was covered with bacteria films after some days.

 I now have the following setup in the sump:

1. Water from the main tank reaches the first section -> NYOS skimmer.

2. Water flows into the second section (frag section). It is illuminated with 2x 12W Aqua Medic sunspots, flow is provided by a Koralia Nano.

3. The water flows over into the third section.

  • Return pump into the display tank by NYOS Viper 2.0
  • Calcium reactor, water flows trough and back into the 1st section.
  • Second NYOS Viper 2.0 pump, which pumps the water from the third section once through the zeolite filter and once through the PO4 adsorber fluidized bed filter. Via a ball valve before the fluidized bed filter (adsorber), the flow is regulated precisely. All the rest flows through the zeolite filter. Both outlets end near the skimmer to eliminate any abrasion and bacteria films directly. The water leaves near the skimmer to eliminate any abrasion of the adsorber and bacterial movies directly.

Here is a picture of the setup:


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