Jan’s living room tank

Today we introduce you to a beautiful tank by our reader Jan – Have fun with it!


The tank has been completely designed by me personally and also partially made. The glass works have been  made by a professional aquarium manufacturer and the cabinet by a master locksmith. All wood and electrical work has been carried out and implemented by myself. From planning to first water in it, it took about 3 months. The start and the move from my old 212l Cube ran without any problems and now I am enjoying it every day that I have fulfilled my dream of my living room reef.

 Main Tank

  • 130 x 80 x  60 pooltank with external chamber 15x30x60 (built by own design)


  • 3x Ecotech Marine Radion XR30w 1.Gen (incl. TIR Lense-Kit and DIY mounting)

Sunrise: 8:00

Sunset: 20:00

Moonlight with moonphase via Radion

Filtering and flowaqua6

  • 2x Ecotech Marine Vortech MP40wES (ECO-Smart Nutrient Transport Mode and Nightmode controlled by Radions)
  • Return pump Royal-Exklusiv Black-Devil 8,0m³ (with 2x Hydor-Flow at the entry)

Cabinet, sump and technology

The cabinet and the piping was designed and built by myself.

  • Royal-Exklusiv Dreambox 100 x 60 x 35
  • Royal-Exklusiv Supermarine 200
  • Royal-Exklusiv Mediafilter 1l  (streamed with a bypass that is filled with active carbon from Korallenzucht)
  • My Reef Creations CR-1 Single (Calcium Reactor filled with 60% Korallenzucht coral breakage, 20% Korallenzucht Calcium granular, 20% Korallenzucht magnesium granular) the reactor is an American product and was adapted on German DIN standards
  • Heating 300 W from Tetra
  • Aqua-Medic UV-C



  • Refill from Royal-Exklusiv with 35l tank
  • Aqua-Safe Osmotic 250l/day


The tank is maintained with the whole program of Korallenzucht ZEOvit system

  • 60l water change (ATI Coral Plus Ocean) if required clean the skimmer
  • Clean the sump
  • Clean the filter socks
  • clean the glass
  • Frozen food 1x a week
  • Tetra Fish Flakes & Korallenzucht pellets in the daily exchange
  • Nori seaweed every 2 days

Planned extensions

  • gravel cover
  • dosing
  • frag-tank integrated in the cabinet



Mehr Bilder und Infos findet ihr hier:

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