Update Chris Reef

I’d like to share some new pictures and updates from my tanks.




First, I changed my lightning from HQI T5 combination to LED technology.

I am very satisfied. Especially the sliding sunrise and sunset is awesome.

As frequntly asked I will tell you something about my stocking.

Fish & invertebrate:bild-745

– 1 Zebrasoma xanthurus

– 4 Pseudanthias squampinnis

– 1 Amphirion clarkii

– 1 Acreichthys tomentosus

– 1 Amblygobius phalaena

– 3 Nemateleotris magnifica

– 2 Gobidon okinawae

– 1 Tridacna Maxima

– 1 Archaster angulatus

– 2 Lysmata amboinensis

– lots of Cerithium


– SPS (Acropora, Stylophora, Seriatopora, Montipora digitata)

– LPS (Caulastrea, Fungia, Euphyllia)

– Clavularia

– Ricordea florida

– Softcorals



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