Visiting Aquaristik-Corner Ludwigshafen/Frankenthal (Ger)

Aquaristik-Corner is based in the small village Frankenthal/Eppstein near Ludwigshafen (Germany near Mannheim, Heidelberg, Frankfurt).

When I started my saltwater aquarium 3 years ago, Daniel Hasslinger, owner of Aquaristik-Corner was my primary contact. At this time I bought my first tank – a Red Sea Max 250 “plug’n’play” tank. Therefore, I planned to revisit him combined with a weekend trip.

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At first glance, I noticed a surprisingly high range of standard fish, but also a great variety of specialists fish in his tanks. What in the Stuttgart area and generally lacking in southern Germany – here you will find. Big angelfish just swam in large numbers in the basin, including several seahorses. 120m2 retail space with more than 25,000 liters of fish and invertebrates with everything Daniel Hasslinger imported directly. He receives 3-4 direct imports per week.

Among the fish we discovered some rarities, such as the zebrasoma gemmatum, one of the rarest doctor fish at all. He had nearly 6 of them on stock – with € 1,150 they are probably not affordable for everyone.
I missed the beautiful display tank with 4,500 liters, which was one reason why I started in seawater. Here are now two smart, smaller display tanks with LED lightening. With the three 500 liter display tanks Daniel then shows his true skills: Facilities engineering. So he designed and maintains many large tank in private or public hands.

There are also many corals and anemones on stock of Aquaristik-Corner. Especially larger LPS and disc anemones were presented in big numbers. SPS corals were rather less available – on demand Daniel told us that he is more specialized in large Wild Australian SPS and these are usually sold a few days after the import, but are regularly imported.

All in all Aquaristik Corner is always worth to visit – the variety of stable fish leaves us southern-german aquarists, who have a wide range of coral dealers but no real good fish dealer jealous.

Aquaristik-Corner is based near Ludwigshafen, Mannheim and Heidelberg

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