Schwing’s Reef 500l

18 Nov

500l reef tank

Newest video (January 2014 – setup time 2 years) 

Video (march, 2013):

Aquarium setup Date: 15/09/2011

Main Tank: 130x60x60radion_seite

Sump: 80x35x35

System parameters (measured with NYOS tests)

CA: 450

MG: 1350

PO4: <0,05

NO3: 5

KH: 7-8


Since March, 2013: 3x Ecotech Radion xr30w Pro LED

Before: ATI sunpower dimmable 8x 54W (3x Aquablue special, 4x Blue plus, 1x ATI purple plus)


2x Blue: 10h00 – 24h00

6x T5 (4x white, 2x blue): 12h00 – 20h00

Filtration and circulation

2x Vortech MP40w ES (50% power max)

Return Pump: NYOS Viper 2.0

Technical Equipment:

  • NYOS Pyro True Cone 180 Skimmer
  • NYOS Monster 120 Calcium Reactor (since january 2014 back to Balling via dosing computer marine color)
  • NYOS Wirbelbettfilter 120
  • Lightening sump: 2x Aquasunspot 12W


Auto Top-Off: Tunze and 20l R/O water


  • Feeding fish and corals: NYOS Chromys (liquid Mysis), NYOS Artemis (liquid Artemia), Goldpods (liquid Calanus), Nori algea
  • Cleaning front and back glass


  • 10% water change
  • Cleaning skimmer

Coral food and water care:

  • NYOS Zero 5ml / Day
  • NYOS Absolute Aminos – 5 drops daily
  • NYOS Reef Pepper – each 2-3 days mixed with Aminos
  • NYOS Goldpods – daily as fishfood, 2x / week LPS feeding
  • NYOS Coral Nectar – 5 drops daily
  • NYOS Softfood – fishfood, daily

Coral macros best of


Overview beginning in September 2011

2 months after set up (december 2011):

59 Responses to “Schwing’s Reef 500l”

  1. David Monday, 22. April 2013 at %I:%M %p #

    Your aquaruim is awesome and something to aspire to!! A few questions if you don’t mind me asking;
    What are the intensities per channel and durations on your eco tech LEDs. Where can I find our information in the NYOS additives you are using?
    I look forward to your reply,
    Dave Egan

    • Sebastian Tuesday, 23. April 2013 at %I:%M %p #

      Hi Dave,
      thanks a lot for your comment.
      At the moment, I got 100% for around 7 hours for both Radions, I will post my graphs later here.
      I’m going to add another Radion Pro the next days. Not because of light intensity but for a better light uniformity.
      For more information about the NYOS products, check their website

      I can recommend them – they do a perfect job!


  2. Ric$tar Wednesday, 24. April 2013 at %I:%M %p #

    Hallo Sebastian

    Benutzt du einen Phosphatabsorber? Wenn ja welchen? und wieviel + Wechselintervall?

    Wenn ich das Zero + Absorber einsetzte rutscht mein Phosphat in den Keller…

    Gruß Ric

    • Sebastian Wednesday, 24. April 2013 at %I:%M %p #

      Hallo Ric,
      ja ich nutze PHOSI-EX, ca. 250ml alle 2-3 Wochen gewechselt.
      Nimm dann einfach nicht so viel Zeolith und Adsorber … über die Menge kann man das eigentlich ganz gut steuern.

      Liebe Grüße

  3. Ric$tar Monday, 29. April 2013 at %I:%M %p #

    Hallo Sebastian,

    danke für die Antwort.

    Wie bekommst du PO4 ins Aq?
    Spühlst du dein FROFU?

    Ich hab eher mit Limitierungen zu kämpfen…

    Gruß Ric

    • Sebastian Tuesday, 30. April 2013 at %I:%M %p #

      Hi Ric,
      ich habe einen relativ hohen PO4 Wert, da ich mit dem Fro-Fu spülen etwas nachlässig war. Zudem füttere ich 4 Würfel Mysis und Artemia am Tag. Mit PO4-Adsorber halte ich ihn nun konstant unten.


  4. Simon Friday, 3. May 2013 at %I:%M %p #

    Grossartiges Becken!!
    Wie viel Lebendgestein wurde denn in diesem Becken verbaut?


    • Sebastian Friday, 3. May 2013 at %I:%M %p #

      Vielen Dank! Etwa 30kg Lebendgestein habe ich verbaut.


  5. Tom Thursday, 16. May 2013 at %I:%M %p #

    Hallo Sebastian

    Also ich kann hier auch nur wie meine Vorgänger sagen was für ein perfektes Riffaquarium du hast !
    Ich wollte mal fragen welche Produkte bzw. Mischung du für dein Kalkreaktor in Anspruch nimmst ?

    Danke im voraus

    Mit salzigen Grüßen Tom

    • Sebastian Friday, 24. May 2013 at %I:%M %p #

      Hi Tom,
      vielen Dank!
      Ich habe im Kalkreaktor ganz normalen no name Korallenbruch.

  6. Boja Wednesday, 19. June 2013 at %I:%M %p #

    VERY NICE AQUARIUM, best of luck with, I had your same problem with cyano, installed a phostphate reactor and it went off the rocks but took over the sand, just installed a RODI water filter for my top off water and water changes, do you think that will solve the problem for hair algae, cyano algae, brown ….

    • Sebastian Wednesday, 19. June 2013 at %I:%M %p #

      first of all: Thank you!
      RODI Filter for the water you’re using for water change is a first step. Second, you should definitely take them out manually… best would be each day. Read the article about fighting Cyanos, which is one of the best summaries I know about that…

      Hope that helps, keep me updated!


  7. Julien Monday, 21. October 2013 at %I:%M %p #

    Hey sebastian,

    what a wonderfull tank! But I’m wondering if you use Zeolit??

    What Nyos water care and coral food advice me?


    • Sebastian Wednesday, 23. October 2013 at %I:%M %p #

      Hi Julien,
      yes – I’m using Zeolith since some months. After my tank crashed, NO3 raised up but now I’m back at 3 mg/l.
      Concerning the NYOS watercare:
      – Coral food is excellent: Use Reef Pepper together with Absolute Aminos & Coral Nectar
      – Use Zero if you want lower NO3 and PO4 (or Biobooster)
      – Active Elements are also nice for saturated colors
      – Goldpods and liquid foods are perfect LPS & fish food.

      Depends, what goals you have ;-)

      Let me know if you have further questions.


      • Julien Friday, 25. October 2013 at %I:%M %p #

        Hi Sebastian, thanks for your answer!

        I have an other question:

        If I start to use the NYOS watercare, I can stop it at every moment or should I stop it on a long period? (Like Zeolit or VSV method)

        • Sebastian Sunday, 27. October 2013 at %I:%M %p #

          Hi Julien,
          you could stop it at every moment. Only with the Zero, I would stop over some weeks reducing the dosage.

          • Julien Sunday, 10. November 2013 at %I:%M %p #

            Thank you for your answer Sebastian! :-)

            As I search some information about differents products, is it possible to use Red Sea Protocol ABCD and those Nyos Products?


          • Sebastian Monday, 11. November 2013 at %I:%M %p #

            hello Julien,
            I don’t use the Red Sea Elements and don’t know exactly about the ingredients. You could use all the NYOS products without the Nyos Active Elements, Nyos Strontium and Nyos Iod. This should already be included in the Red Sea product. All the other products like food, Zero, Aminos, Nectar etc… should be ok!


  8. daniel Thursday, 24. October 2013 at %I:%M %p #

    hi Mr.can you show me or teach me how to setting light radion xr30wpro for growth sps ? i try go to blog to download your grapih of radion but can much intensity and brightness do you set?

    thank you

    • Sebastian Thursday, 24. October 2013 at %I:%M %p #

      Hi Daniel, you have to extract the downloaded file and import it via Chose on the top right Import/Export. At the moment I’m at 65% maximum. Let me know if you have any further questions. Cheers Sebastian

  9. Bill Tuesday, 5. November 2013 at %I:%M %p #

    Can we have pics of the tank today as all the growth was done under the previous lighting system ,it would be good to see if the radions sustained the colour and growth .I have a radion pro and looking for the best schedule for a sps tank


    • Sebastian Tuesday, 5. November 2013 at %I:%M %p #

      Hi Bill,
      here are some pictures shot a few weeks ago:

      The growth and colors are very good… I had some issues in spring 2013 (tankcrash) and after that, corals didn’t grow that fast for around 2 months and nutrient levels were too high.
      Now I’m back at the growth rate which I know from T5.


  10. Stefan Thursday, 21. November 2013 at %I:%M %p #

    Hi Sebastian,

    hab mir grad mit feuchten Augen deinen MW Traum angeschaut und bin immer noch von deinen Bildern fasziniert.

    Mich würde deine Fischbesatz interessieren, da ich als MW Noob nicht jeden identifizieren kann.

    Betreibt Nyos bei dir aktives Sponsoring oder bist du von der Marke so überzeugt? Als Neuling hat man es ja sehr schwer sich zu orientieren bei der vielfalt?!

    Viele Grüße

    • Sebastian Thursday, 21. November 2013 at %I:%M %p #

      Hallo Stefan,
      vielen lieben Dank für das Lob!
      Mein aktueller Fischbesatz:

      2x Occellaris Anmonenfische
      5x Pseudanthias squamipinnis Juwelen Fahnenbarsch
      1x Centropyge loricula – Flammen-Zwergkaiserfisch
      1x Zebrasoma flavences
      1x Gobiodon okinawae
      1x Chromis
      1x LSD Mandarinfisch
      3 x Lysmata amboinensis
      1x Tripneustes gratilla
      1x Paracentropyge multifasciata
      1x Pygoplites diacanthus
      1x Chelmon rostratus

      Hoffe ich habe keine vergessen.
      Die Nyos Produkte nutze ich von Anfang an und sehe keinen Grund, zu wechseln ;-)


  11. Sören Wednesday, 19. February 2014 at %I:%M %p #

    Hallo ich verfolge schon länger diese Seite
    eine Frage habe ich erstmal wieso der Umstieg auf Led?

  12. kai bohr Monday, 24. March 2014 at %I:%M %p #

    habe seit einer woche zwei g3 über meinem becken.habe da mal ne frage zu. habe ein vorgefertigtes programm laufen und gerade beobachtet das mein mondlicht bei einer plötzlich schwächer ist als bei der anderen, war gestern noch nicht so, bekomme auch die schedules nicht geladen die ihr bereitstellt.

    • Sebastian Tuesday, 25. March 2014 at %I:%M %p #

      Lieber Kai,
      bezüglich dem Mondlicht kann ich dir nicht weiterhelfen. Vielleicht hast du Lunar Phases (Mondphasen) an und es kommt daher?
      Oder den Modus, dass die Lampen zeitgesteuert mit einer Verzögerung agieren (Sonnenaufgang/Untergang?). Es kann auch sein dass es in dem vorgefertigten Modus so voreingestellt ist.

      Die Schedules müssest du eigentlich locker importieren können. Klicke hier ( auf “Download Schedule”, entpacke das *.zip und lade die *.xml wenn du bei eingeloggt bist klickst du auf “Schedule Options” und “Import Schedule”. Sichere aber deinen bisherigen vorher mit der Option “Export Schedule”, dann kannst du ihn wiederherstellen, wenn dir unsere Settings nicht gefallen.


  13. Frank Friday, 11. April 2014 at %I:%M %p #

    Hi Sebastian
    Can you provide a list of the corals you have in the tank now?
    I just started my 210 gallon tank and yours is an inspiration!

    Thanks for sharing!


    • Sebastian Friday, 11. April 2014 at %I:%M %p #

      Thanks Frank,
      I give my best to make a list as soon as possible. In general I can say, that I have 50% SPS (mostly Bali and some Aussie), and 50% LPS like Euphyllia and around 15 Acanthastrea frags.
      I also like Lobophyllia and Favia.

      Kind regards

  14. Ricardo Wednesday, 23. April 2014 at %I:%M %p #

    Hi Sebastian, first and foremost a card by that beautiful and thank the expertise you share tank.
    Might comentarme a bit about the location, you have power and the program MP40w ES, I’m moving a tank of 120 cm x 50 cm x 70 cm with a 200 cm x 80 cm x 80 cm, have a MP40w ES and MP60w ES controlled with APEX that allows me to have several programs and different periods during the day, I’d appreciate any comments

    Best regards.

    • Sebastian Monday, 28. April 2014 at %I:%M %p #

      Hi Ricardo,
      I don’t know the APEX controller but I think the setting should work on your new tank.

      Would love to see your new setup!


  15. Steve Tuesday, 8. July 2014 at %I:%M %p #

    Hi Sebastian,
    Are you still using the same radion graph as on here and what % are you at.

    • Sebastian Wednesday, 6. August 2014 at %I:%M %p #

      yes I’m using the same graph and have 60% max. during the day.



  16. Markus Tuesday, 12. August 2014 at %I:%M %p #

    Hallo Sebastian,
    als erstes ein ganz großes Lob fr dein Becken.
    Dieses ist echt ein Traum.

    Kurz eine Frage. fährst du das Becken ganztägig so optisch blaulastig oder änderst du das Farbspektrum nur für Fotos?
    Finde es optisch sehr schick, kann mir nur nicht vorstellen das sämtliche Lebewesen dabei problemlos klar kommen.

    Vielen Dank

    PS bist du noch an der Planung für ein größeres Becken dabei?
    Gruß Markus

    • Sebastian Wednesday, 13. August 2014 at %I:%M %p #

      Lieber Markus,
      danke für’s Lob. Das Becken wird im Tagesverlauf zwar überwiegend blau, aber nachmittags ca. 3-4 Stunden ziemlich hell mit hohem weissanteil beleuchtet.
      Wenn ich mal Zeit habe mache ich ein Video über den Tagesverlauf, dann wird das sichtbarer.

      Liebe Grüße

  17. Daniele Sunday, 14. September 2014 at %I:%M %p #

    Hi Sebastian,
    first of all, actually, best compliments for your aquarium: I’m now designing my first reef tank and I’m going to take inspiration by your!
    You wrote that your rocks are 100% alive? How many kilos did you used?
    Thanks and bye!!

  18. Frank Sunday, 26. October 2014 at %I:%M %p #

    Hi Sebastian
    Just found your blog and can’t help admire your fantastic aquarium.
    You mention that you are using Zeolith. How exactly are you applying the use of Zeolith to the Nyos water treatment method? I see you have not mentioned the use of the Nyos Bac, so how are you populating the bacteria colonies within the Zeolith, or does the Nyos Zero do that job? Sorry we are not familiar with the Nyos system here in South Africa.


  19. Andrew Saturday, 14. February 2015 at %I:%M %p #

    Is this the Red Sea reefer? Is the tank, cabinet and sump custom made?

    • Sebastian Monday, 16. February 2015 at %I:%M %p #

      Hello Andrew,
      in fact it looks a bit like the new Red Sea Reefer tank but it is a custom tank which i built some years ago.
      Seems like Red Sea copied some things… ;-)


  20. Daniel Thursday, 12. March 2015 at %I:%M %p #

    Your tanks is showing amazing coral growth at a very fast rate. Is the secret to your coral growth – NYOS addictive? If so, Could you list the most important few types you will recommend for SPS growth?

    • Sebastian Monday, 30. March 2015 at %I:%M %p #

      Hello Daniel,
      I’m only dosing what is effectively needed – NYOS Aminos and NYOS Active Elements. Sometimes the NYOS coral nectar combined with the Reef Pepper. Also I keep the alkalinity and calcium level stable using the Balling method. I have a long lightning period during the day and enough flow with my 2x Ecotech Vortech mp40. I think, that’s why it works ;-)

      I have to mention that the growth under T5 lightening was a bit faster – but it’s ok for me because I know have much more brighter colors.

  21. MAX MILLER Monday, 6. April 2015 at %I:%M %p #

    Your tank is stunning. Would you be able to provide me with the Radion schedule in different format than what has been posted? I cannot open this file to read the graph and time settings.

    Thank you,

    Max Miller

    • Sebastian Monday, 20. April 2015 at %I:%M %p #

      Hi Max,
      thank you very much.
      You need to unzip the file, then you will have the *.xml file. Then log in to, chose Export first (to export your settings once and save them). Then chose “import”, chose the xml file and you will see the graphs.

      Let me know if that works


  22. Jan Friday, 15. May 2015 at %I:%M %p #

    Wann gibt es mal ein aktuelles Video?
    Grüße Jan

    • Sebastian Wednesday, 20. May 2015 at %I:%M %p #

      Hi Jan,
      gerade ist die Zeit recht knapp aber bald wieder ;-)


      • David Thursday, 21. May 2015 at %I:%M %p #

        Hi Sebastian,

        I have a 60″LX24W”X27″H reef tank with 3 Radion 3G Pro and 2 Kessil 360W. The schedule is for 12hrs 40% intensity with the natural graph.

        Do you have any recommendation for my setup? I keep 100 SPS and I’m using the zeovit program.

        I would appreciate any advise that you might have.

        Thank you


        • Sebastian Wednesday, 1. July 2015 at %I:%M %p #

          Hi David,
          sorry for the late reply. As you have very much light, I’m not sure what to advise ;-)
          A picture of your tank would be beautiful – you can simply write an email. (info

          Thanks for your comment,


  23. Tom Tuesday, 16. June 2015 at %I:%M %p #

    Hey Sebastian,
    First off great tank! I also have a heavy sps, lps 4x2x2 with 2 Radions G2’s and 2 Vortech qd’ driven by reef link.
    Currently i have moved all my fish into a quarantine tank due to a white spot outbreak but another 6 weeks and they will be back in the reef.
    I use fauna marin balling light currently and i’m having ok results but growth is slow.
    Please could i ask what settings you use for your vortech pumps?
    Also i am having difficulty downloading your lighting program, when i try to import it to ecosmart it says (.evg files only)?
    Many thanks,

    • Sebastian Wednesday, 1. July 2015 at %I:%M %p #

      Hello Tom,
      thanks for your comment.
      As I don’t know how to export the Vortech Schedule, please see the Screenshot here:

      For the Radion Schedule, you have to unzip the *.zip file and then import via ecosmartlive.



  24. Dinuk Sunday, 30. August 2015 at %I:%M %p #


    Beautiful tank you got there mate. I noticed that you add 5ml Nyos zero a day, that’s way high than the recommended dose. is it safe to use that in larger quantities, I have a 150 gallon and started a dosing half the recommended dose (.55ml) and thinking to ramp up to 1.13 ml over the next few weeks. I also run a Bio Pellet reactor in conjunction with this. Any advise would be appreciated.

    Thank you

    • Sebastian Monday, 14. September 2015 at %I:%M %p #

      yes, it is safe! You can ramp it up slowly until the Nitrate drops down. Don’t forget adding Bacs regularly.
      Zero is a carbon source, so it should boost your bacterias for lower Nitrate levels.

  25. Andreas Tuesday, 10. November 2015 at %I:%M %p #


    nen ganz tolles Aquarium hast Du da!
    Ich habe mein Becken vor kurzer Zeit von T5 auf Radion umgestellt. Nun habe ich mir mal Deine Settings heruntergeladen. Die Farben wirken damit wirklich sehr schön. Ich wollte nur fragen ob Du damit gutes Wachstum der SPS hast? Es wirkt doch gerade morgens und abends sehr blau. Ich finde das persönlich sehr schön habe aber von den T5 doch mehr weißes Licht gehabt.
    Viele Grüße!

    • Sebastian Thursday, 10. December 2015 at %I:%M %p #

      Hi Andreas,
      ich habe mittlerweile die Beleuchtungszeit verkürzt und die Blauphase morgens rausgeschmissen. Meine SPS zeigen tolle Farben, das Wachstum ist OK.

      Viele Grüße

  26. Sebastian S. Tuesday, 26. April 2016 at %I:%M %p #

    ein kleines Beckenupdate währe nicht schlecht. Welche mittel sind nach deinen Erfahrungen wirklich brauchbar und nötig?

    Sebastian S.

  27. Alex Monday, 20. June 2016 at %I:%M %p #

    Hi Sebastian,

    hast du sofern du noch aktiv bist deine aktuelle schedule da, die du hochladen könntest.
    Du meintest ja du hast die Beleuchtungszeit verkürzt und die morgendliche Blauphase rausgeschmissen.
    Wär echt super.

    Danke & Gruß

  28. julien Wednesday, 23. November 2016 at %I:%M %p #

    where did you get your long green staghorn acropora in the upper middle section?
    thx by advance

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