Paracentropyge multifasciata (Barred angelfish)

There are these certain dream fish. Fish, which already makes you fall in love with the first photo. Fish that you have seen in countless youtube videos! You research for months, some phone calls to dealers to check whether this fish is available.

Twice I had this feeling that catches me: the regal angelfish (Pygoplites diacanthus) and the barred angelfish (Paracentropyge multifasciata). Meanwhile I’ve both together in my 500l tank and would like to share my experience with the latter one.

Certainly some people might think: only 500l and 3 angelfish? (yes I still have a Centropyge loricula). This made some worries for me at first, but I’m always prepared to give some away when it just does not fit or they are too big. And secretly I’m speculating that “the tank grows ” in the future.

The barred angelfish is considered as a not easy during the first weeks due to their food intake and the familiarization within the tank. I had some concerns because I’ve got some aggressors in my tank. In addition this fish might not always be reef save. Aswell there are several reports that considers him to snack at LPS and SPS.

Zebra-Kaiser (Paracentropyge multifasciata)At the Aquaristik corner I finally bought one of these beautiful fish. Immediately after the new one was in my tank the yellow tang  and my largest aggressor, the centropyge loricula started attacking him. The barred angelfish cleverly found a cave at the top of reef and was save at first. The aggression lay down after about 2 weeks – but he was a bit weak after these tough days that he got  a skin infection which also infected the the regal angelfish. Luckily both recovered fast and well.

He took first food (Goldpods, mysis and brine shrimp) after about 2 weeks, but during the first few days he picked industriously on reef rock.

Today, after 5 months, he is one of most swimming fish in my tank. He’s not afraid of any other fish and I can not confirm the reports, which he described as very shy fish. And he is absolutely peaceful to the other residents.

But he’s not reef save. For some time he picks at the SPS (that he prefer), and every now at the Acans. Especially when he’s hungry. In my tank, with a strong coral stocking, the SPS hunger gets spread on many SPS that no coral has to suffer him that often.

For me, it’s my dream fish because of its funny-cute little appearance and character.

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