Feeding corals – always impressive as timelaps video!

The selective coral feeding with zooplankton has become (due to the high quality food) for me quite normal. I feed my LPS, mostly Acanthastrea, Fungia, Lobophyllia and Euphyllia species regularly 1-2 times a week with Goldpods (liquid Calanus). From time to time they grab even large Mysis which I’m feeding my fish.

I personally think, time-lapse videos of feeding corals are most impressive, because the movement of the coral – the inflation, stretching polyps, catching plankton and the transfer inside are visible best.

Here is a small video collection of time lapse video:

 Meine Rainbow Acan – fed with Goldpods


My Fungia – fed with Goldpods

 Scolymia Timelapse

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