Covering the reef tank with glass – after 5 months!

Many know the problem: An open marine aquarium is usually desired – that looks good, saves time in maintenance and the corals get direct and unfiltered LED light.

But there’s another problem, especially in winter: gray mold due to high humidity!

Depending on the direction of the flow and thus movement of the surface of the water I needed temporarily 5l of ROI water per day and therefore had a very high humidity of about 70%.

After long consideration – first I wanted plexiglas or acrylic glass because of the price – I decided to cover the tank with glass. So I bought 5mm glass in 3 parts to make handling easier.

Skizze Glasabdeckung Aquarium

At my tank with a lenght of 130cm I took 3 parts in lengths 20cm, 60cm and 46cm to have some space left and right. The holes have 2cm diameter and the glass is 5mm float glass.

Abdeckung Meerwasser Aquarim aus Glas

This reduces evaporation dramatically – from about 5l to less than 1 l / day and now I have a humidity level of around 50% which is ok!

After 5 months I cannot see any difference in color and growth, but I’ve turned up Radion Pro’s prophylactically by about 10%.

Abdeckung Meerwasser Aquarium

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