Coral fixing – Seriatopora Hysterix

The last few days I had some free time that I have also partially spent with my tank.

I did a small tour to the local dealers I where I caught a really great yellow Seriatopra Hyterix.

In my the opinion the most important criteria to successfully keep and grow corals, is to grant a fix and save place in the reef for the coral.

From my perspective Seritopora Hysterix is a particularly tricky coral because it is very fragile and can easily break.

Usually I fix my corals at the reef without fragmentstone  because it looks so much better this way. In this case, I use a fragmentstone as a basis for the coral to avoid any breaks of the branches during the fixing in the reef.


1. Prepare the tools – absorbing tissue to dry the glueing areas, superglue, nipper and a fragmentstone


2. Let’s go – glue the coral to the stone

I glue the coral with superglue at several points to the stone to distribute the weight and the force of the flow on several branches.

HINT1: It’s important to clean the coral from water and slime at the points which will be glued.




3. Choose a a foresighted location and fix it with two component adhesive

HINT2: I prefere the 2 component adhesive of Grotech because it gets a very good working viscosity and hardens very good

HINT3: Ad some superglue to the 2 component ashesive. It helps to fix the stone even faster to the reef.



4. Enjoy


Happy new Year!

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