Small Anemones: Rock and flower anemones and MinMax Anemonen

Small tanks but a great wish to keep anemones – this is what many reef keepers have! And they should have extreme colors.
And so there are moreoften anemones of the species Phymanthus crucifer (synonym: Epicystis crucifer), also Rockanemone or Flower anemone in trade, thus complementing the known MinMax anemones to another, small-growing species.
If you have ever cared for example, an E. quadricolor in a mixed tank, you know what I’m talking about: you buy a sweet bubble tip anemone, after a short time the tentacles are longer and longer and it begins to search a nice place to settle. In a crowded tank this is the worst case scenario because of its nettle toxins. For us, the anemones divided regularly with a size of 15cm, which they quickly reach and does not help the situation.

Different it should be with the rock anemones and MinMax: They should be largely stay local and grow very slowly. The final size is much smaller (up to 18cm). They should also be fed regularly. If the opinions agree across the Internet, I will certainly be time for a nice one for my tank.

Also min-max anemones (Stichodactyla sp.) should be excellent even for smaller tanks. They stay local and even though they belong to the carpet anemones, have low nettle toxins. But be careful with smaller fish: There are reports that one or the other likes smaller fish.
They are at the moment available in a really crazy colors – prices in trade by color and size are between € 39.90 and € 119.90, MinMax sometimes much cheaper.
Do you have any experiences with this anemones?
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