First experiences with Ecotech Radion Pro

After I got my 2x Radion Pro now for a week  on my tank, it’s time for a short note. Unfortunately, only one hanging kit was available, so I had to improvise to hang the lamp with string. Currently I run the lamp in acclimation mode, which increases within 2 weeks the maximum brightness of 70% to 100%.

The settings are fantastic and not just gimmicks. My SPS, especially the Enzmann have formed groth peaks within a week. Some corals have become a bit brighter, especially at the top. This shows me that in these areas there is sufficient light output. I will move the one or another SPS in the central area, which is now a bit in the shadow, because LED’s output is more selective… The Acanthastrea open significantly stronger and have in just one week (!) formed many small polyps at the growth edges.

The water looks very much alive – the squiggle effect is very much present and you feel that you can see more detail.

Currently the lamp is running at 100% from 12:00 clock and 19:00 clock (acclimation about 85%) with a long blue evening phase. Here the Deep Blue and UV LEDs push out the colors of the LPS massively. Unfortunately, you can not really capture it on pictures – you have to have seen the effects live.

All in all a great first impression in the first week!

Here are a few pictures, and I must say that I have not yet found the ideal lighting setup for iPhone and LED:











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